Source of Nature® Energy and Balance Bundle

Energy Support Supplements Bundle :

This energy and balance bundle is a combination of the absolute best products for combating tiredness and fatigue. These products have been specifically selected based on scientific evidence in support of energy and general wellbeing.

The bundle includes a bottle of our high quality CoQ10 which is known to increase oxygen-transportation in the body, our comprehensive 6-in-1 Magnesium for better sleep and recovery and our unique 2-in-1 Zinc with energy-metabolizing capabilities.

Premium ingredients

Formulated with the two most bioavailable types of Zinc, Zinc Picolinate and Bisglycinate for superior absorption.

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6 Types of Magnesium

Formulated with 6 different types of Magnesium in a carefully balanced dose. This makes this product vastly superior compared to other products.

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Naturally fermented CoQ10

Premium 98% naturally fermented Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 / Q10) as Ubiquinone.

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