About Us

Source of Nature is a family-owned natural food supplement manufacturer. Our goal is to prolong and improve human life by providing the best quality longevity supplements with proven effect.

Longevity And Anti Aging Products Supply

We focus on providing the customer with the best raw materials manufactured under the strictest food safety conditions, to ensure optimal effect. We only use vegan-friendly ingredients and strive to provide the most cost-efficient solutions, while adhering to the most recent and science-backed recommendations with respect to concentration, amount and type of ingredients.

As healthy aging is in our DNA and we wish to leave a positive impact on the world, we have strict environmental standards, and are donating part of the company profits directly to the German Alzheimer society (Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft)

Below here you will find some more details about who we are and what we stand for.

We hope that you will enjoy your products.

  • Healthy Life For All

    We have set out on a mission to increase the health and lifespan of our customers as much as possible. We do this through a targeted portfolio of natural, premium, and highly efficacious health products.

  • Inspired by Nature

    We believe that the highest efficacy, most bioavailable, safest and overall best performing supplements are inspired by nature and maintain their natural origin as much as possible. We select as natural and un-refined ingredients as possible. Your body will thank you.

  • Passionate About Quality

    Quality ingredients, expert formulations, rigorous third-party laboratory testing and a passion for creating premium products ensures that you always receive well-crafted, quality products.

  • Brand of Denmark

    Source of Nature is a family-owned Danish brand and we carry our Scandinavian attention to detail, positive mindset, and general commitment to health into our products. We are thankful for your support and hope that you will enjoy your product.

  • Cruelty Free and Vegan

    Source of Nature products are made with respect for all living things. This means that no animal testing, animal products or by-products have gone into the development or production of any Source of Nature product

  • Committed to the Environment

    Source of Nature takes responsibility for and protects the environment. Everything that go into the development or production of our products is sourced locally and selected based on its sustainability whenever possible.

  • Supporting a Good Cause

    Source of Nature is committed to social change by donating part of our yearly proceeds directly Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft who work tirelessly for a better life for people suffering from mental or cognitive impairment.

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