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Immune Support Bundle

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Source of Nature® Immune Support Bundle

The bundle includes a bottle of our unique Vitamin D3/K2 combination which ensures effective absorption and transportation of nutrients such as calcium from your blood into your bones, our best-selling Resveratrol which is a strong anti-oxidative with anti-aging properties and our unique 2-in-1 Zinc which has been known to support immune function and speed up recovery time from viral infections such as the cold.

The products indluded:

  • Vitamin D3 + K2

    Premium vegan D3 from Lichen and K2 from fermented Natto

    Read more about Vitamin D3/K2 here

  • Resveratrol

    Premium quality Resveratrol with Piperine for superior absorption

    Read more about Resveratrol here

  • 2-in-1 Zinc

    The two most bioavailable types of Zinc. Picolinate & Bisglycinate

    Read more about Zinc here

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What is the Immune System and how can I improve it? Click to learn more

What is the immune system?

On the surface, a compromised or poorly functioning immune system is often experienced as a cough or cold that keeps coming back, wounds that won’t heal properly, achy muscles or recurring sickness that take too long to recover from.

Inside the body, the immune system is a complicated network comprised of cells, tissues, organs, and thousands of substances that function in an complex symphony to help fight off infections and diseases and keep down inflammation.

Why is my immune system compromised?

If this complex system does not function properly, your whole body will feel the negative effects which will lead to increased stress on your body and degradation of physical wellbeing and a shortening of lifespan. You may experience frequent colds, persistent fatigue, digestive issues or skin conditions such as psoriasis-like rashes.

A low immune system can be caused by a number of factors such as diet, certain medications, lack of exercise, recent viral and bacterial infections but also mental stress can have significant impact on how well your immune system performs.

What Can I Do?

There are many things one can do to ensure a well-functioning immune system such as keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

However, genetics dictate to a large degree how well your immune system may work, on its own. Some people are born with a naturally strong immune system that allows them to easily overcome many illnesses while others can struggle for months to get over a common cold.

Luckily, the immune system can easily be improved through targeted vitamins and minerals as well as herbal remedies. For thousands of years humans have known about the benefits of medicinal plants and herbs and used them in various ways to treat illnesses.

Today, with the help of science, many of these ancient remedies are much better understood on a biological level which has enabled humans to create concentrated food supplements with the desired properties such as immune boosters.

Source of Nature® Immune Support Bundle

This bundle has been put together with the three best-performing products for immune support. The products are selected because they each have a unique beneficial effect on the immune system such as being strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties as well as direct beneficial effects on the functioning of the immune system.

  • Want to learn more?

    Learn more about which products are best for the immune system and other exciting discussions about health and wellbeing in our blog

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Holtz
Great product for performance

This is a really good product!
Most zinc products use a zinc with very low bioavailability but this is a combination of the two types with absolute highest bioavailability.
Really appreciate what this company is doing with their supplements, you can tell that they put a lot of effort into the formulations and it works!
I take this together with their Magnesium 6-in-1 supplement to boost performance levels and get better sleep and more energy.

Michael Holtz
Very good product

Fast shipping, arrived in good condition. I have tried many different Resveratrol products since 2017 (and there is a lot of CRAP out there) but this brand use Veri-Te-resveratrol as ingredient which comes from a Swiss producer and I am just so much more confident with using this compared to all the other synthetics and questionable products coming from China.
120 capsule version is good value as well considering the quality

Poul Mikkelsen
Very very good quality D3

I bought this in May last year and the bottle has lasted until now. It is very impressive that they use lichen-derived vitamin D3 as it is so expensive and hard to find anywhere. Most d3 is made from something called lanolin which comes from sheeps wool fat but not this one!
The K2 should help keep my artieries clean and my bones strong. I think i will order another bottle.