Source of Nature® Energy and Balance Bundle

Immune System Bundle:

This bundle has put together three of the best-performing products for immune support. The products are selected because they each have a unique beneficial effect on the immune system.

The bundle includes a bottle of our unique Vitamin D3/K2 combination which ensures effective absorption and transportation of nutrients such as calcium from your blood into your bones, our best-selling Resveratrol which is a strong anti-oxidative with anti-aging properties and our unique 2-in-1 Zinc which has been known to support immune function and speed up recovery time from some viral infections.

Premium ingredients

Formulated with the two most bioavailable types of Zinc, Zinc Picolinate and Bisglycinate for superior absorption.

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Veri-te® Resveratrol

Market-leading Swiss quality trans-Resveratrol. Superior absorption due to added BioPerine®

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Premium vitamin D3 & K2

Market-leading and vegan vitamin D3 from lichen and vitamin K2 derived from natural fermentation of Natto.

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